Buddy's House

Meals are provided by a diverse group of organizations in our community. Such as Main Street Mission, Neighbors Table, More than Manna, Subway, Quizno's and West Side Church of Christ. Also food boxes are provided by Salvation Army, Manna House, Main Street Mission, Ray of Hope and many local churches.

Shelter our for friends consist of tents that are tucked away in the woods. In some cases we are able to provide what is called a micro-cabin. This gives them a safe place to lay their heads.

The Russ Bus is a branch of the The One, Inc., our purpose is to serve those at risk in our community. After serving our community for over 23 years now, we have concluded that we have a situational homeless problem. We consider these people at risk of becoming chronically homeless unless there is someone to step in and assist them back into productive citizens. We do this in a variety of ways, working on a case by case basis with those at risk. We believe with assistance our at risk friends can weather this economic climate and return to being economically productive citizens. 




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My Buddy's House is our dream for a new transitional living facility. This will be a 12 unit facility that will house families as well as individuals. With this facility we will be able to drop the number of campsites that we have.

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The Russ Bus

We exist to serve those at risk in our community